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CADETS BACK IN THE AIR - posted 15-Apr-22


The cadets from the have been back in the air with cadets on a flying scholarship being run by Tayside Aviation. Pictured is Cadet Flight Sergeant Jack Bennellick of 169 (St Blazey) Squadron, who gained his “Wings” following successfully completing the course which involved over 12 hours of flying in an Aquila A211. Thanks to Tayside Aviation more cadets from the Wing will be undertaking the course this year with the aim of gaining their “Wings”.




Meanwhile 626 (Predannack) Volunteer Gliding School have been getting cadets airborne in Viking gliders. The tandem twin seated glider allows the cadets to experience powerless flight using the nature of thermals and wind uplift to maintain height. Cadets undertake Glider Induction Courses before they can undertake Gliding Scholarships.