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Cadets have again been putting the Air in Air Cadets thanks to 3 Air Experience Flight who have again relocated to RAF St Mawgan for several weeks this summer to provide Air Experience Flights to the cadets.

As part of the experience cadets are taught the principles of aircraft handling using Part Task Trainers before attending for the flight, after a safety briefing the cadets are kitted up in flying clothing suit and helmet and having given a practical demonstration of their ability to climb in and out of the cockpit demonstrator cadets are called in turn for their flight.

The air experience flights are conducted in the Grob Tutor two seater aircraft which, is widely used as an initial training aircraft, and are piloted by experienced pilots most of whom are current or ex-RAF pilots.

Most flights will last 20 minutes in the air during which cadets are offered the opportunity to take over the controls of the aircraft and conduct general handling manoeuvres and depending on the weather conditions they may be able to conduct some aerobatic manoeuvres before retuning back to the airfield.