Over 20 years of age? Want a challenge where you learn new skills, develop existing skills you have already while gaining qualifications?


Part of the strength of staff in the Air Cadet Organisation is that they come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. You do not have to have a background in aviation or military experience. You need not be an athlete but being a staff member will keep you as active as you wish. You will need to have personal skills including maturity, reliability, and patience. As a staff member you will need to be responsible for young persons, you will be supported through training to give you all the necessary skills required to be a staff member in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.


Joining as Squadron staff you will be become a Civilian Instructor responsible for supervision of cadets. You will also assist in delivering a training program. If you require you can attend courses on subjects to improve your knowledge, many of the courses will be free of charge to Civilian Instructors and can be used in every day life. Civilian Instructors are key members of the Squadron staff without which the Squadron will not be able to be fully effective. If you choose you can apply to become a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Air Training Corps or a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). Rising through the ranks like the regular Royal Air Force you will be able to claim up to 28 days pay per year when on key activities.