The Air Cadet Organisation offers so many activities and opportunities for both cadets and for staff. During cadets activities they will learn new skills and develop existing ones. They will have the opportunity to gain qualifications including accredited BTEC qualifications. Most of all they will gain many new friends.


While the Air Cadet Organisation is part of the Royal Air Force family and some cadets go on to use their experience as an Air Cadet in the armed services their is no liability for them to join any of the armed services.



Cadets taught to be self sufficient and independent thus the demand on parents is minimal. Cadets are issued, on a loan basis, with blue uniform which is valued at over 200. No footwear is issued thus they will need to acquire black lace up shoes for their blue uniform. Many Squadrons teach Fieldcraft as part of the cadet training. While green uniform (CS95) is sometimes available through the Squadron it is not part of their standard issue. Black boots will need to be provided for wearing with green uniform. Other than providing footwear your main responsibility will be to ensure you deliver and collect your son, daughter or ward promptly.


Cadets do appreciate parents who are able to support their Squadron either by becoming a member of the Squadron staff or simply being part of the Squadron's Civilian Committee. See separate pages via links on left of this page.



The Air Cadet Organisation is lucky enough to be supported by the Royal Air Force who provide money for buildings, uniform, flying, gliding and some other activities. However the funding does not support all the activities the Air Cadets offer thus funding is required to be raised by other means. Cadets are charged subscriptions which are kept to a minimum by other fund raising activities. As a guide subscriptions will be about 6-10 per month, that is equivalent to about 1.11 per parade evening.


Managing the spending of the Squadrons funds is the responsibility of the Squadron's Civilian Committee which is normally made up of cadet parents who meet about every 2 to 3 months to ensure the funds are spent when required.